Tales of Midbough

From Jail to Jail - the First Session
Prison, Town, Beetledowns, Town, Prison?

Lucen and Darwish woke up in a prison outside the town of Dunward, having been put there due to the disappearance of a box around the same time they came into town. After a day of getting knocked around by the prison warden (and mayor of the nearby town) named Bertran, they decided to make some friends in the prison yard. Darwish ended up curb-stomping a dwarf and they were escorted back to their cells.
The heroes woke up to find themselves in the midst of a prison break orchestrated by a ragged-looking halfling named Fleece. One thing led to another, and the heroes found themselves torn between escaping with Fleece or helping Bertran secure the prison and in turn, their freedom. They sided with Bertran, and Fleece made a hasty exit. Bertran revealed to the heroes that Fleece was most likely an assassin from the Accruan Coastal Alliance, though it was unclear who he was hunting for.
Bertran and the hereos went to Dunward the next day to meet Father Etrian, the priest of the town who had thrown them in jail in the first place for stealing a box containing a relic from the Church of Callim. He apologized and offered the Heroes a Writ of Passage if they retrieved the box from the kobolds of the nearby Beetledowns. The heroes agreed after like an hour of deliberation and went to get the box. Before they left, they were joined by mage-hating paladin, Torfinn, who was sent from the church to assist in finding the relic box. Somehow, he didn’t kill Lucen (who is a mage) immediately, though he really, really didn’t like him.

The Beetledowns was… very annoying. While the kobolds set many traps, most were pretty harmless, and the kobolds themselves were just kinda in the way. After like a day of getting through the cavern, the heroes confronted the kobold leader, Ick, and the Beetle God, who was actually a Professor from the College of Wizards in Rovengard. The trio beat Ick, saved Duncan, and left the caves as quickly as possible. Duncan was kind of a wang to the heroes and left.

Upon returning to Dunward with the box late at night, the heroes were greeted by Father Etrian, who proceeded to take the box from them, open it, and eat the shadowy talon inside of it. The result was Etrian turning into some sort of unidentifiable shadow-monster and attacking the heroes. Max wants everyone to know he did like a ton of damage to that boss. The heroes played a lot smarter than I thought they would and killed the boss relatively quickly.

Bertran thanked the heroes for their help and for not leaving him bleeding on the floor of the church. He gave the heroes a fat wad of cash and sent them to Rovengard to speak with Kress Aieeden, headmaster of Arcane Studies at the College. The trip passed by without event.

When they got the college, the heroes ran into Duncan again and hassled him until he gave them a Step Stone that would allow them to teleport instantly back to the college at any time. After that, they met with Kress, who couldn’t identify the shadow claw (since Etrian ate it), but identified the box as Accruan, and advised them to go to the Accruan Coastal Alliance, specifically the city of Vault, to find where the box came from and possibly the origin of the claw as well.

The heroes left the college and went to the White Citadel—the headquarters of the Church of Callim. Once there, they met Brother Dalendry, who greeted them with a hearty “Oh…. hello!” and gave them… I forget what he gave them. Horses or something?

Finally, the heroes retired to the bar for the night, where Torfinn was mistaken for a dwarf and proceeded to flip tables and start a bar fight. At one point, he used Lucen as a flail, and Darwish decided that it would be a good idea to call in the equivalent of a bomb threat by yelling about psionics, which resulted in the three being thrown back in jail.

At least I don’t have to get creative about the start of the next session…


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