Midbough is a place of a number of cultures, but relatively few belief sets.

The Church of Callim follows the teachings of the Lost Gods, which advocate harmony through personal freedom and responsibility. Though they do not revere the Gods themselves (due to them being, y’know, Lost), they still hold their teachings as ultimate truths, while at the same time understanding that gray areas exist and need to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Nearly all of Tuatha follows the Church, though Accrua generally reveres money more than anything else.

In Noh, the Lost Gods are viewed with a certain amount of disdain due to their absence in the last Black War that resulted in the destruction of Noh itself. Instead, they still believe in the fabled beings known as the Devas and the Eladrin. In their eyes, the Devas serve as the governing body of their concept of heaven, while the Eladrin are their martial force, serving as emissaries between themselves and the humans.

The Windblown are an odd group, believing in the Winds as a spiritual force in and of itself. Through the Winds, they are guided across Jagt, as it tells them the secrets of the broken lands that keep them safe. They do not view the Winds as a conscious entity or a being, but more a benevolent force that pushes them through the world.

The Dwarves, in addition to following the Church, also hold reverence to Sindri and Brokkr, the Lost Gods of the Forge. These two brothers are said to have crafted the dwarven race. The Dwarves often carry curios related to the two brothers, and often dedicate great public works to them.


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