The history of Midbough is divided into a number of ages, each capped off with one of the Black Wars. The current age is the Calm Age (CA).

563 CA — The start point of the campaign.

550 CA — Gabranth, the current High King of Docen takes the throne.

534 CA — Grand Heirophant Zekaram is elected by the Church of Callim. House Voldo seizes control of the Accruan city-state of Vault.

510 CA — Goliaths are first discovered in the deep roads in the Crown Mounts by the Dwarves.

472 CA — The first Minotaur cross over the Dawn’s Teeth and join the fight for the borders of Rovengard

97 CA — The Rosvald declares itself its own sovereign nation, though it remains peaceful with Grand Docen. This is brought about by political unrest between the two nations due to Grand Docen’s lack of assistance in the Rosvald’s battles against the monsters of the Dawn’s Teeth and Untamed Lands.

72 CA — The last vestiges of Noh influence are pushed out of the Crownmounts by an allegiance of Dwarves, Grand Docen, and the ACA.

36 CA — The Accruan Coastal Alliance is formed as the Accruan city-states elect the first Merchant Lords and push the Noh from the Accruan Coast.

14 CA — The Nine Duchys of Tuatha unite to form the New Kingdoms (also called Grand Docen after the central Duchy) and drive off the remnants of the Noh Empire.

1 CA — The last Black War ends, and the first new age in roughly two millenia begins.

circa 700 NA — The Church of Callim is founded by the great paladin, Callim.

circa 500 NA — The Last Black War is fabled to have begun

1 NA — The first year of the Nohen Age and the birth of what would become the Noh Empire.

1 DA — The Dark Age, three thousand years prior to the Noh Age. Little information still remains from this time. Common cultural belief for this is due to humanity’s exodus from the far southern lands of Jagt causing all history to be left behind.

1 FA — Known as the First Age (even though it’s the second), this age has been lost to humanity, and is only thought to exist due to the stories of four Black Wars dividing the Ages.

1 BA — The primeval age at the start of time known as the Birth Age.

More will be added to the timeline


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